smoking fetish

(capnolagnia) is a sexual fetish (paraphilia), consisting of the fetishisation of the smoking of tobacco, including cigarettes, cigars, pipes or even ash trays. It is thought that most smoking fetishists are heterosexual men, though there are also groups of homosexual and bisexual men and women who have expressed similar interests in the fetish. […]

The glamor aspect of the fetish emphasizes the way smoking visually enhances women’s sexual appeal; the dark side links smoking to female domination, bondage and domination, and sadism/masochism. Both elements may be related to the appeal of the “bad girl” and the fantasy that even a “girl next door” type who smokes may be a tigress in the bedroom. […]

The glamorous aspect of women’ smoking traditionally has had wide appeal, among the general population as well as among those who find it sexually arousing. This appeal has always been emphasized in cigarette advertising, and undoubtedly one reason young women have been drawn to smoking cigarettes.[…]

Ironically, as mainstream society has recognized the dangers of smoking, the effect has been to heighten interest in smoking fetishism. The more we recognize that smoking is bad for our health, the truer it becomes that only “bad” girls smoke, and the more attractive they become to the smoking fetishist.[…]

The increasing intensity of anti-smoking campaigns, moreover, turns smoking into a transgressive and taboo act; eroticized images of women smoking may take some of their power from depicting a taboo being broken. Another cultural source for the fetish may be eroticized depictions of women who smoke that come from older motion pictures, especially from the film noir era.

e é por isso que é tão difícil criar campanhas anti-fumo eficientes; fora o fato que tradicionalmente é ainda mais difícil convencer alguém a NÃO fazer algo ou de que aquilo NÃO é cool. o problema é fazer a vida sem esse veneno maldito parecer mais cool do que com ele. isso muito me interessa.

and that’s why it’s so hard to create efficient anti-smoking campaigns; not counting the fact that tradicionally it’s even harder to convince someone NOT todosomething or that something’s NOT cool. the trick is to make a life without this goddamn poison cooler than with it. this interests me a lot.

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