3 coisas boas que vi no stumble da carol

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“Media Hell is a web community project to identify common media fallacies, and to investigate their causes and effects…

Main sections of Media Hell:

* Media Fallacies: falsehoods and flawed logic in news reporting. This is the core section of the site. (Our media fallacies database is an ongoing project).

* Media Horseshit: real-life examples of unintentional media fallacies. Includes responses to our claims by people inside and outside of the media.

* Toxic Slime: intentional fallacies, ie propaganda, PR and the “darker” side of the mainstream reporting. Updated regularly with TV/press examples.”

Kind of UK-centered (because, duh, they’re from the UK), but very good. Sample of what you can find there:

“BBC and ITN are both guilty of recycling old “terror scare” footage to create headline stories out of minor reports. Two recent examples are the BBC1 coverage of the court proceedings for the alleged 21/7/05 terror plot, and ITN coverage of the alleged “Birmingham” terror plot. Gratuitous media scaremongering at its worst.”

Illegal drugs can be harmless, report says
“The evidence suggests that a majority of people who use drugs are able to use them without harming themselves or others. They are able, in that sense, to ‘manage’ their drug use … The harmless use of illegal drugs is thus possible, indeed common,” it said.

The report, which is likely to spark fierce controversy, said: “The use of illegal drugs is by no means always harmful any more than alcohol use is always harmful. It called for the concept of drugs to be extended to take in alcohol and tobacco.”


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