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by Amy Pearson, is my pick of the month at the Zuda competition. thing is, it’s at 3rd in the competition’s last week. get in there, rate it 5 stars and click ‘VOTE’.


The discovery of Mathema would allow anyone to access ancient mystic powers, however, as soon as the secret is revealed it is threatened.
A group of sorcerers with Natural Born Power aim to keep it for themselves – calling themselves the ‘True’.
Emery Hall – considered troublesome by his father – is sent away and is at the Mathema lecture when it is attacked by the True. He escapes with the Mathema device and William Wenbury – the young son of Mathema’s discoverers.
Escaping does not prove the end and they must find a way to protect the secret before they are silenced.
William – taught by his parents – can use Mathema better than anyone else; he hopes the skills will help him survive long enough to tell of his parents’ work. Emery finds his own secrets and fears his loyalty to Mathema may become unclear.
Beth a young, forward thinking sorceress believes Emery can help her stop the elitist True. But first she must earn Emery and William’s trust and help them survive. Emery’s task is complicated further when a member of his family presents yet another claim on Mathema.

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