Model Student

by Joe Bowen is my favourite Zuda entry of November. and competition ends today. i came in late to read them and had to go through the previous couple of competitions just because i wanted to know what was going on. this month’s entries and October’s have been pretty weak, but i think MODEL STUDENT is a very good one. it feels pretty original and the pace is great. a shame it’s ranked 4 at the moment.

Model Student

Kevin Burke just can’t seem to stop fighting. As a result, he’s having a really hard time getting an education.
After Kevin gets himself kicked out of three high schools, his grandfather gives him one more chance and sends him to the prestigious Vendrell Academy. It’s one of the toughest high schools in the nation. Kevin might just be in over his head.
As Kevin wrestles with his own temper, he will meet a whole new group of teenagers. Some of them deserve beatings, and some of them don’t. Kevin just wants to be a model student. Maybe, this time, he can do it.
Or, maybe not.

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