Here’s what happens when you disconnect for 10 days


so we’ve reached a point in Cybridism when staying offline for 10 whole days is an actual feat you need a lot of guts and strenght to perform. tl/dr spoiled version: you get more foccused and better enjoy the moment. I’m very interested in this, although I haven’t been able to do anything remotely similar. maybe micro-disconnected shifts are the solution to Getting Things Done.

As Daniel Goleman writes in Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence, a fascinating new book he’ll publish this fall: “Overloading attention shrinks mental control. Life immersed in digital distractions creates a near constant cognitive overload. And that overload wears out self-control.”
From the moment I boarded the plane for our trip, I noticed a shift. Ordinarily, I would have skittered between reading the newspaper, magazines, answering email, and surfing the web (if it was available). I’d brought along a pile of books, mostly novels, and none of them related to work. I began reading the first one, and I very quickly became absorbed. For once, nothing else was competing for my attention.

more at the original post by Tony Schwartz, president and CEO of The Energy Project.

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