diamond’s next big challenge

The Beat quotes retailer Brian Hibbs:

…Diamond’s next big challenge isn’t coming from a Direct Market distributor (they’ve killed most of those) – it’s coming from the bookstore distributors.

This next part is hard, because it takes me having to admit I’ve been a dumb-ass. I should have read the deal and figured it out two years ago (no, this isn’t a new program) when my peers first started telling me about it, but I, as many comic retailers, am slow to change sometimes.

Baker & Taylor has a program called “First Call” where you agree to make them your primary source when buying from the book channel. It makes no claims over the Direct Market channel. That’s about it – there are no minimums, or any other hoops to jump through. B&T doesn’t have a fixed discount per book like Diamond.

so obvious I don’t see why it the trend [if it can already be called that way] hasn’t been noticed earlier. people go after the cheap. the easy and the cheap.

and Warren Ellis wins. yet again and again .

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