Gringo culture makes its mark in Brazil

Brazilians who move to the UK soon find that their fellow countrymen and women have set up an extensive support network, helping them adjust to a country that can be chilly for them in more ways than one.

Glossy magazines in Portuguese with names such as Leros, Jungle Drums and are given away free in British bars, restaurants and bookshops wherever Brazilians get together.

But when Kieran Gartlan first arrived in Brazil, he was amazed to find that there was no similar handy guide, publication or other source of information to help foreigners get to grips with the country.

Taking the initiative, he decided to start his own in cyberspace. Now his website is a forum for lively articles from a wide range of contributors that attracts about 200,000 visitors a month.

legal a matéria.

mas tem uma coisa tb: gringo que vem diplomado pra cá tem muito mais chances de se dar bem [por princípio já valorizado por ser gringo] do que brasileiro diplomado se dar bem lá [por princípio um bom faxineiro].

nossa herança jequética.

via Magiozal

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