has le tigre climbed up the roof

Apparently the rumours are true – Kathleen Hanna’s art-pop-politico
trio Le Tigre are no more.

The news was revealed on the All Tomorrow’s Parties website, where a
letter from the organisers revealed who couldn’t play, and why. “There
are a lot of bands in there that just wont play,” says the missive,
“i.e LE TIGRE who broke up last year.” So there you have it.

Le Tigre released their last album, ‘This Island’, back in 2004. Their
first for a major label, it might not have reached the same place as
their ‘Deceptacon’-spawning debut did in the hearts of the indie
purists, but saw the band making ever more progress in getting their
message out to a wider audience.

Since completing Le Tigre’s final tour, Kathleen Hanna has worked on
her own projects, while Johanna Fateman opened a New York hair salon
called Seagull, and JD Sampson joined Peaches touring band
, released
her own Lesbian Utopia calendar, and appeared in John Cameron
Mitchell’s Shortbus. They will be missed.

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