por trás do popbitch

minha fonte de fofocas preferida. behind Popbitch, my top gossip source. bless.

Camilla Wright has spilled hundreds of scandalous secrets on her notorious website: she pioneered the merciless approach to celebrities that’s now routine. It’s not mischief-making, it’s democracy, she says. Decca Aitkenhead goes head-to-head with the queen bee of Popbitch

To go behind the scenes of Popbitch for a week is to enter a world of unnervingly random human intimacies. During one fairly typical morning last month, its editor received a photograph of Pete Burns, shot from behind sans underwear, exposing his scrotum. The next email concerned the size of the Blairs’ contribution to Cliff Richard’s favourite charity in lieu of payment for two weeks’ use of the singer’s Caribbean villa. A hotel worker in Bradford disclosed that the singer Natasha Bedingfield, a recent guest, was “really nice and down to earth”, and a reader confided that a footballer with whom she’d slept the previous week liked to lick his own ejaculation off her stomach. In between all these claims and confidences came a steady supply of photographs of otters and llamas, and one of an abnormally large rabbit. The submissions were assigned a category: possible story for this week; possible future; probably untrue. Only a video of Colin Farrell filming himself having sex with a Playboy model was rejected outright. “I do try,” the editor sighs, “not to do the funny internet weird things.”

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