MOENCH: No, it wasn’t leaving “Moon Knight,” it was leaving everything. It was forced by Jim Shooter, who was easily the most tyrannical, evil guy on planet Earth, next to Dick Cheney and George Bush.

(both laughs)

HUSTON: He held the crown for a long time, apparently.

MOENCH: He sure did. He was making life miserable for everybody on Marvel, including Chris Claremont, who bit his tongue and held his peace for the sake of his beloved X-Men. You after to remember: Roy Thomas had already quit, Marv Wolfman had quit, Len Wein had quit, Jerry Conway had quit — I mean, the list went on and on and on and we haven’t even gotten to the artists.

HUSTON: Right.

MOENCH: I think at that point, the two guys from that period who were left were me and Chris Claremont, and Chris came after me. This guy was so evil that he had all the assistant editors totally whipped. They were calling me and saying, “Doug, you gotta do something to stop this guy.” I said, “What am I going to do? I’m a freelancer. You’re the editors. Get together and go up to Stan (Lee) and say ‘Stan, you wouldn’t believe what this guy is trying to do.’” And what he was trying to do was what he called the Jim Shooter Theory of the Big Bang of the Marvel Universe. Now, what this was, he was going to kill off every major Marvel character, I swear this is true, but without killing them off.


very nice look into part of Marvel in the 80s, but as usual a creator can’t claim ownership for \ cry over a character he\she has created for a company to own. they’ve signed the check – as others have said better and with more details in the past. camaraderie and creator rights mustn’t never be forgotten, but when you willingly sign them off while signing that voucher in, what can you do? you dont own them, so you can’t blame a new team when they’re called upon to revamp it.

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