GRINDHOUSE – o que deu errado na estréia americana

tô meio sem tempo, então vou postar os links que explicam a parada.

Harvey Very Disappointed; May Re-Release ‘Grindhouse’ As 2 Pics

came in fourth with a $11 million gross on 2624 screens with a running time of three hours and 12 minutes.

– Rodriguez shot his zombie splatterfest “Planet Terror” at his Austin-basedTroublemaker Studios. When he fell in love with his femme fatale star Rose McGowan, he broke up his marriage of 16 years to producer Elizabeth Avellan. The production had to shut down for a month while he recovered. […]

This time, instead of one movie for the price of two with “Kill Bill,” says Tarantino, “‘Grindhouse’ is two for the price of one.”

“That’s when they killed me,” says Harvey.[…]

“Just leave it to me,” veteran ratings wrangler Tarantino told the Weinsteins.

– high costs and a longer than planned running time, which meant fewer showings per day. Despite a promise to the Weinsteins to deliver a double feature of sub-sixty minute mini movies, Rodriguez and Tarantino insisted that “Planet Terror” and “Death Proof” ought to be longer.

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