A culpa é dos Skrulls

esse resumo da Heidi resolve o que tem rolado no Universo Marvel [mortes e personagens agindo fora do seu normal]. eu achei que iam explodir tudo e passar as histórias pra um mundo paralelo, mas ia ser muito DC pra eles. então resolveram dum jeito mais… lame.

ELEKTRA WAS A SKRULL: It was recently revealed in NEW AVENGERS #31 that the Elektra character who has been running around for quite some time now was a SKRULL! (These are shape shifting aliens.) Internet chatter speculates that this means that everyone who has been acting weird or been killed or whatnot over the last year or so may turn out to be a Skrull too. There’s also speculation that maybe this will allow Frank Miller to do something for Marvel, once his busy schedule clears up in about five years, since he always said he wouldn’t do anything for them until Elektra was dead again.

enquanto isso na DC, um uso melhor do tentacle porn, pelas mãos do Mark Waid – que vai dar [outro] revamp no Flash:

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