We could all live without Live Earth

Sponsors for the event included Chevrolet, Philips, NBC (parent company General Electric) and Microsoft. If there is anything Live Earth does represent about our generation, it’s the commercialized raping and pillaging of our youth we’ve endured since we were toddlers: being force-fed Pokémon, Barbie and Happy Meals our whole life, taught that we “gotta catch ‘em all!”

Aside from a few blatantly obvious energy-saving tips, how did the organizers of Live Earth propose we combat climate change? Buying a fuel-efficient Chevy car, replacing our light bulbs with Philips’ compact fluorescents and listening to music on a Microsoft Zune instead of energy-wasting speakers.

Yet purchases like these often waste just as much energy when older, functioning products are needlessly thrown out. A new fuel-efficient car requires oil to make the plastic it’s built from, power to operate the factory where it’s assembled, gas to ship parts to the factory and then more gas to shuttle the car off to the dealership.

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