are you having a table at SDCC o8?

as of now THE MAJOR #01 is almost ready to go to the printer, just waiting on an ad. my main problem at the moment that i won’t attend the San Diego ComiCon, so…

can anybody here with a table at SDCC spare a spot for just a small stack of this book? I won’t be able to attend the con but this baby will… if somebody can handle it there. low maintenance, of course:

i’ll ship to wherever you’ll stay, to cut on weight for you. all proceeds from sales are yours to cover con expenses. i’m not sending a huge amount of copies and the main goal is to get the word out there.

potential remaining copies to be shipped back to me on my resources or something quicker at the con itself, maybe handing them out to whomever you feel is suitable [your editor friends, for example =) ].

let me know: hectorlima AT gmail DOt com

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