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Librarian fired for book on unsavory patrons
Using the pen name Ann Miketa, Sally Stern-Hamilton wrote “Library Diaries,” which she describes as a fictional account based on her on-the-job experiences.

How Fast Can Humans Go?
Usain Bolt may have just broken the human speed limit. Last week, he took two gold medals in the Olympic 100m, shattering his own world record with a time of 9.69 secs., and the 200m with a time of 19.3 secs., obliterating by two-hundredths of a second the long-standing world record Michael Johnson set at the Atlanta Games in 1996.

Unknown insect discovered on eBay
Dr Richard Harrington thought he was buying just an interesting curio when he paid £20 for the fossilised insect encased in amber. But it turned out to be a long extinct type of aphid which became trapped in the resin as it seeped from a tree millions of years ago. It has now been named after Dr Harrington, vice-president of the UK’s Royal Entomological Society, who specialises in aphids.

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