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this is my right hand at moment, after having extracted what was left of my thumb nail, which was getting infected and turned into a zombie likeness not very pleasant. almost 2 months ago i slammed the finger in our new apartment sliding window right at the base of the nail, and got an instant blood polish. it was painful.

i rejected the doctor’s offer to cut it out for good then [with anesthesics], but got him to puncture the finger [without anesthesics] to make the old blood flow out. after a while it got a little bit infected, even with regular taking of antibiotics and antibacterial oils, and i had a small surgery. surgical scissors were used to cut 1\3 of it out. this is how it looked aftterwards – not a pretty sight. feelings of SAW 3 creeped in.

then the old zombie nail started being expelled by the organism itself. but the zombie appearance was getting worse before it got better. so yesterday i couldn’t take it anymore and after cutting bits of it myself went to the hospital yet again to get it removed. i had to be shot 3 times with anesthesics in the finger so i could take the pain and it was a slightly gory ordeal, but i took it well.

it stings now, but i’m taking a painkiller for that. typing is a wee bit slower but not enough to prevent me to work. handling the mouse is a bit harder but tomorrow the bandages will be much smaller. they used a nylon-base healing cloth underneath that i don’t have access to, but i won’t need it, they say.

so this is the chronicle of my nail soap opera for now. never such a quick stupid thing gave me so much work. at least the subway ride to the hospital is short and sometimes fun, for a guy who stays home all day mostly. i just wish i could send this post back in time two days before that Radiohead concert so i could not have to go through this, but i would suffer it 9 other times if i could take along with me some lottery numbers.

tomorrow: another gory pic, this time of a nail-less finger.

and this was my promise of a more classic blog posting here. boring, isn’t it?

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