The Corpse Carries A Gun

by Mathew Petz. my Zuda pick for June 09, a weak month in webcomic entries. go there, read and vote.

The Corpse Carries A Gun

Its name is spoken in hushed tones. Campfire tales tell of a spectral avenger cursed to walk the Earth and exact bloody revenge. “THE CORPSE IS UPON YOU!” a horse cry howls through lonely canyons and across parched salt flats.
It has been walking for 60 years; saving the innocent and murdering the guilty. Pitiless retribution doled out by a six-shooter, eternally clutched in a rotted fist! Killin’ and rightin’ wrongs, It is hunted by some, and feared by all. The vampire bats, eerie winged devil things, help point The Corpse and its phantasmal six-shooter towards the retribution it MUST dole out. Aided by The Bear, a beast that commands respect, it alone would unnerve the prairies… but when The Corpse comes to town upon The Bear’s back…there ain’t no chance in this ninth circle of hell of an outcome other than bloody.
The Corpse is the incarnation of all that is terrible. Haunted by Its task, It cannot waiver. It must continue to roam, no matter the cost. The same elemental force that drives It’s hip cannon, gravitates It towards the weird and lulls the grotesque to it. Giant Crabs, Hoodoo Dinosaurs, Time Travel, Indians, Aliens, and beyond. All must reckon with THE CORPSE!

and it has a theme song!

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