Tia Susan avisou

pra quem é de Peixes, mas parece que muita gente tá sujeita a isso. dias tensos em Setembro:

The wind gusts of the coming cosmic storms will pick up speed on one of the most dramatic and difficult days of the month – possibly of the year – on September 17. Uranus in Pisces will oppose the Sun, and Saturn will conjunct the Sun. These are nerve wrecking, draining aspects and you must do all you can to protect your health. Life events may wear you down, and should you feel overwhelmed, call a friend or a therapist, and do all you can to get more rest. Protect your bones, teeth, feet, ankles, and your digestive system. Avoid fatigue. Ask your doctor if a flu shot is a good idea, and if she feels it is, get one straight away.

I don’t remember ever seeing such powerful aspects happening on the very same day. These testing aspects will create a strong desire to separate from a personal or business partner or from a situation, if you feel it has been difficult for a long time and you have lost all hope it will improve. You won’t have any more patience with people who don’t appreciate you, don’t support you, or don’t understand you.

These aspects will not cause a breakup if your relationship is strong. Instead, you may suddenly have to face a very aggressive competitor or step up to a critic.

One day after this very troublesome day comes September 18, but rather than provide a soothing sense of calm, Uranus and Saturn will come gunning for the new moon. Your seventh house of partners will be full with planets – Mercury, Saturn, the new moon, and the Sun – and on the other side of the sky Uranus will be staring at each planet. Some sort of situation seems to be reaching a breaking point.
The barrage of angry planetary energy will continue on to only one more day, September 23, when Mercury will oppose Uranus. This too is a very difficult aspect that usually makes one feel as though one’s nerves have been zapped by a sudden, quick little bolt of electricity. You may get a letter, text, IM, or phone call or see a post on Facebook or another social network that makes you upset. You may also send email to someone by mistake, causing a lot of problems. Don’t get involved with gossip at this time, or post too much on Twitter – it could do you in.

Keep an eye on your home situation and your parents near September 23. Mercury rules your domestic condition, so you may hear unexpected news concerning your residence, other property, or your parents near September 23.

recado a quem tá rindo agora: não duvide da Tia Susan. não mesmo.

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