The Berlusconi Spaghetti drama conspiracy

teria o ataque ao primeiro ministro italiano sido uma armação pra melhorar sua imagem pública?

A multi angle view of the alleged attack on the Italian prime minister by a mental patient.
According to some a probable MKultra victim.

The attack took place in Milano by the Duomo on the13 12 2009 where the prime minister was having a much contested rally.
At the end of the happening mr Berlusconi was greeting his supporters when he was allegedly hit by a miniature of the Duomo thrown at by a mental patient. According to the news mr Berlusconi was brought to an hospital he build instead of going to the near one and was spending the next four days before coming out of it in bandages .
The alleged damage for mr Berlusconi was two teeth fractured and also a fractured nose, also doctors describe berlusconi weak state as a reaction to what they described as heavy bleeding.
Consequently to his hospital release he was heading for his home where he should spend the next 15 days resting before going to Switzerland for cosmetic surgery.
This accident will surely caused a further delay on the trail that should see him as defendant to accusation of bribery .
If convicted before his government changes in his favor the constitution to give him immunity, he could loose all his trillions of euro and spend time in prison according to the Italian law.

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