Comics vs Customs

Bleeding Cool posted today a bit about the STRANGERS IN PARADISE omnibus getting ripped appart by customs in Belgium with sad pictures.

and this guy in the comments section gave some good advice for people shipping comics abroad:

I ship comics all over the world on a daily basis, and the Belgians are VERY high on the list of offenders for holding parcels too long, but they are far from the worst. italy–TERRIBLE! France–Not much better! Canada–well let’s just say I got 3 negative feedbacks on Ebay from a Canadian this week complaining it took 3 weeks for him to get his comics, comics I shipped the day after he paid, as if that’s my fault. The French-Canadian provinces are much worse as a whole. Spain? Can a also be a pain.

Belgium can be slow, but Spain, Canada and France are much worse—this from my 11 plus year history of shipping comics Worldwide.

Australia, Hong Kong and Japan on the other hand are amazing!

To get around the customs folks ripping through my shipments, I mark them as “Gifts” and I declare them as pictures with $0.00 value, that seems to help speed up the process.

They DO have lotsa pretty pictures afterall….

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