Teaser for my Monica’s Gang Story for MSP The New 50

for months Sidney Gusman, editor for the MSP graphic albums and editorial coordinator for Mauricio de Sousa Productions did a regular preview mini-show [almost a “teasing show”] on Twitter with details of all the comics that will be in MSP Novos 50 [MSP The New 50], the third and final album that celebrates Mauricio’s 50 year-long career, with several authors showing their own take on his classic characters. I talked a bit about it here [portuguese text – english coming soon] in regards of the invite and the experience.

my story, produced with artist George Schall, was spolighted in the last one of these “teaser times” on Twitter, last month. what we can say about it for now is that the comic is about Monica’s Gang and The Madman, that came out beautiful in his style. the album comes out in September through Panini Books.

here’s a little bit more about it and here’s a Google-translate article on Mauricio licencing an publishing numbers, which are quite impressive. yeah, their best-selling title hits close to 500.000…

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