Deathnaut – The Dead Almanach (with a story by me)

September saw the Brazilian release of DEATHNAUT – THE DEAD ALMANACH, the second comic album of the lifeguard of the spirits, now through Zarabatana Books. this time award-winning creator Danilo Beyruth has put a collection of new, never before seen, short stories. and one is by me.

SCREAM QUEEN is 10 pages long and it’s about… well, better not spoil that. but there’s a picture of the first page below. this was my second commercial comic gig [the first was the contribution for the MSP anthology], and it was a thrill to write. I got to meet with Danilo at his studio a couple of times and saw art for the whole book in various stages of production. the beautiful colour work Priscilla Tramontano for the last story I only saw after the book got out, though.

it’s an amazing project, a very fun comic that I hope gets published in English soon. it’d fit amazinly well at Image or Dark Horse. meanwhile, the Brazilian editions can be bought from Cultura or Saraiva bookstores.

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