A small dose of Sabor Brasilis

SABOR BRASILIS is an original graphic novel written by me in a partnership with Pablo Casado, and the art is by Felipe Cunha and George Schall. it was one of the 10 projects chosen this year by the ProAC [Cultural Action Initiative of the São Paulo State Government] to be granted a fund to help production and publication – that will happen in 2012.

it’s a project we’re dedicating ourselves a lot to – it’s the longest and probably more fun project we’ve been involved with so far. to see it being chosen for the grant was one of the best things in 2011; the day of the anouncement was like being accepted for an University – if you really wanted to go to college [I was going to use “win the lottery”, but it’s diferent because Luck was a minor factor in this case].

those who attend FIQ 7º FIQ [the International Comic festival] in Belo Horizonte from November 9 to 13, will be able to grab a free print comic containing a prequel / teaser in 7 pages. only 500 will be available from our hands and the Pandemônio booth.

the main comic newsites and blogs have gotten the first release already, with a an inicial synopsys. in case you want to run that too drop me a line. it’s good to finally be able to talk about it, even a little for now. after FIQ we’ll open up about it a little more at the gorgeous website stick around, we’ll be right back.

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