Inkshot – cancelled by IDW, picked up in Brazil

maybe you’ve noticed that I haven’t been talking a lot about INKSHOT, the anthology of new Brazilian comics I’ve organized. the IDW release was set for January 12th in the US – until a while ago that Amazon page had the pre-sale of the 264 page book. not anymore.

in the months that predated the release I kept asking the editor, Joe Pruett, if he had any info, a Diamond order – a number generated by the distributor so readers and store owners could ask for it, as we already have had a ISBN for a while. nothing happened. NY Comicon came and went and there was no mention of the book in the publisher’s panel. then came the email with the bad news, and I forwarded it to the collaborators.

it was a hit but unfortunately a understandable one. if you check news on the north american Comic market you’ve heard that 2011 was a bad year for sales in general, so IDW held back and decided to not bet on the project. apart from its creator-owned books, the publisher has a licenced line of movie and tv properties [with titles such as STAR TREK, TRANSFORMERS, DOCTOR WHO, GI JOE, NINJA TURTLES etc] and these are the ones they’re putting their efforts behind.

INKSHOT was to come out from IDW’s Desperado label, the one that continues the efforts of publisher Joe Pruett – who’s putting out artbooks by several classic artists in this model. he really championed the book there, as he do loves anthologies [remember NEGATIVE BURN in the 90s?]. the thing is, anthologies are a harder sale than graphic novels, for example.

despite all of this the English version of the project has not been abandoned – Joe says he’s sent it to a very interesting editor. we’ll see what happens.

but a publisher is out and another one is in: the good news is that, almost out of nowhere and a little while after this happened, a brazilian publisher showed itself very interested in releasing INKSHOT here sometime around the 2nd semester. I’ll talk more about that when we have the last details cleared out, but as all the authors involved I’m really happy with this! the shot of ink will still be heard around these parts.

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