The 4rlington 1nstitute

found this in an old email from Thiago, storing here for further reading:

(aka “T4I”) is a non-profit think tank specializing in predictive modeling of future events, that is, futures studies. Founded in 1989 by former naval officer and military expert John L. Petersen in Arlington, Virginia.

[description from Wikipedia]

TAI believes that we are living in an era of global transition, to a degree that our species has never seen before. The exponential increase of human knowledge, and the acceleration of its application through technology, is propelling humanity towards a new era of thought and endeavor. Society, science, ecology and commerce are converging at the intersection of danger and opportunity. A complexity and unpredictability that is beyond our past experience characterize the challenges at hand. If humanity’s preferred future is to be realized, new tools for strategic planning and problem solving must be invented and combined. We must think differently.

[from their mission statement]

and… another view of their activities

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