Sabor Brasilis, page 110 of the graphic novel script

I had never gone so far ahead in a script. not that the 100 pages are all mine, actually – the end count is 60 for me and 60 for Pablo, in a total of 120. ok, the plot is a combined effort. but in any case it’s my longest script so far – the previous one only had 24 pages.

what matters is that I’m loving to write SABOR BRASILIS, it’s been such a fun and somewhat heavy work ride [as it’s a mistery plot, among other things]. to dive in and get lost for a while in this little world has been a pleasure and a learning experience.

in a few days I will not have any more pictures of this script to post to Instagram because my main work in it will be finished. but I’ll still post lots of art from George and Felipe and plan on keeping this system to future scripts as I thought it served as self-encouragement [not to mention self-imposed deathbar].

in case you haven’t seen the graphic novel’s website make with the clicky and read the preview if you understand Brazilian Portuguese. it will be released in October in Brazil through Zarabatana Books with the support of the São Paulo State Government ProaC grant the four of us got.

there is no publisher for the English version… yet. we’ll work on that as soon as the book is ready.

pic: Pablo Casado

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