Seven myths about academic writing – debunked by a scholar

discussed in detail in the Times Higher Education article by Helen Sword [author of “Stylish Academic Writing” and associate professor of higher education at the University of Auckland in New Zealand], but here are the bullet points:

Dare to write clearly and engagingly whatever the audience, Helen Sword urges junior and senior scholars alike in a myth-busting guide to good academic prose. You have nothing to lose but your enunciatory modality

Myth 1: Academics are not allowed to write outside of strictly prescribed disciplinary formats

Myth 2: Academic writing has to be impersonal and objective

Myth 3: Academic writing has to be difficult

Myth 4: Academic writing has to be dense

Myth 5: Famous academics can afford to write in a more personal, engaging style; early career researchers can’t

Myth 6: Some academics find writing easy

Myth 7: Academics who write for a popular audience are doomed to be scorned and derided by their peers

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