Karen Berger profiled at NY Times: Comics’ Mother of ‘the Weird Stuff’ Is Moving On

Karen Berger at her old Vertigo office. [pic: Damon Winter/The New York Times]

former Vertigo Editor-In-Chief Karen Berger has had a profile up at The New York Times looking back at her amazing 30 year old run at DC Comics’ Vertigo, a publishing effort that was a warm and intriguing place for weird kids in the 90s, either authors or readers. it was such a present thing of my late teenage / early adult years that it was sad to see no larger effort being made in marketing their new series and renewing it as a brand.

It was even sadder to see Berger go last March after the new DC Entertainment management decided the imprint was not profitable enough, started taking properties back into the DC Universe and releasing fewer creator-owned titles. I have a lot of faith in Shelly Bond as the new EIC, and I hope she’s given as much budget and freedom as Vertigo needs to be relevant again.

and I’m very curious, as most Vertigo fans may be, to see what Berger will be up for next. anyway, the article is a heartfelt goodbye, with quotes by the likes of Neil Gaiman and Grant Morrison, who says:

“Comic sales have fallen off substantially, and the qualities that defined Vertigo’s titles have become widely imitated. They have bled into the mainstream in such a way that you almost didn’t need it anymore. […] Everybody learned from Vertigo. Everybody copied the tricks that worked, took the cool stuff, left behind what they didn’t like, and turned it into a sellable product.”

well, yeah, Image Comics has [mostly] taken that place. wouldn’t it be cool if Karen landed a job there, Dark Horse or started her own imprint?

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