How Roger Corman produces a Chinese Horror movie


BUCHEON, SOUTH KOREA — With the Chinese government’s strict prohibition of the depiction of paranormal activities on screen to prevent audiences from being exposed to what they see as archaic forms of superstition, the country has never made much of a contribution to the horror genre. So it’s perhaps a surprise to see a Chinese horror film – and one that’s produced by Roger Corman to boot.

The Living Dead, which premiered at the Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival on Thursday, is set in the city of Guangzhou, and revolves around a team of US filmmakers who find their original mission of making a documentary about the Chinese Ghost Festival derailed – in an increasingly gory fashion – by a deadly female spirit seeking vengeance from her brutal death in the royal courts hundreds of years ago.

read the full Hollywood Reporter here, and have a look at what director THE LIVING DEAD Antony Szeto has to say. it’s even more interesting than these opening sentences.

couldn’t find a trailer yet, sadly.

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