Let’s all sing BREAD & ROSES in 2014

this is the first page for BREAD & ROSES, a retelling in comicform of the true events that took place during the 1912 textile workers strike in the city of Lawrence, Massachusetts (USA). it’s a 7 page tale which was fully lettered by Pablo Casado – I’m posting the unlettered version here to save some content for later.

art and colors are by the amazing Mario Cau, who you can say is “award-winning Mario Cau”: he got a Jabuti – the most praised award for Literature works in Brazil – for DON CASMURRO, the adaptation of a classic Machado de Assis novel.

this comic has been sitting in our drawers for a while and will see the light of day in 2014, one way or another. women and kids will sing, blood will flow.

more in the coming months.


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